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Panthera is a community, business club, co-working and personal workspace dedicated to promoting women-owned and / or partnered businessesbusinesses that maintain/ promote gender equality and social diversity and businesses that work for social impact. We work for an egalitarian world, in which women and minorities in business have equal opportunities to reach influence and key positions and economic and social impact.

PANTHERA is a business space, hyperactive in its nature and pace, striving for success and pushing to break forward. A collaborative space that is entirely aimed at increasing the profitability of the Panthers and Panthers' businesses, using practical tools, content, workshops, business consulting and a strong community.

Based on a unique operating model that aims to be a launchpad (accelerator), incubator, campus for practical management, networking, mentors, community and social club all under one roof.

Membership (as opposed to renting real estate only) is conditional on a personal meeting.

Our address: 19 Arba'a Street, High School Tower, 3rd floor, Tel Aviv. Phone: 03.3753000.

Ample parking: Cheapest during the day, at the Fasion TLV mall. Five minutes walk from the Peace Train (Azrieli). From 16:00 parking for NIS 12 for the entire evening at 17 Arbaa Street in the Millennium Tower. Please bring a parking ticket. For owners of the Discount key, free parking in the Givon parking lot, from 16:00

Our goal: Starting and promoting businesses owned by women, partnered with women or led by women executives, developing female leadership in business and increasing the financial capital held and managed by women.

Intended for a community of businesswomen, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creators, artists, senior executives, professionals, women who are inspirational models and men who have representation of women executives, partners,  and maintain / promote gender equality and social diversity in their businesses.

The need stems from a bleak picture. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Only 14% of business ownership is held by women

  • Only 9% of all entrepreneurs are women

  • Only 15% of CEOs are women

  • About half of the self-employed women earn up to the minimum wage only, compared to 29% of the self-employed men

  • Only 27% of the Ministry of Economy's budget for small and medium-sized businesses in 2015 was directed to women

  • Only 8% of the loans granted by the state-guaranteed loan fund were given to women

  • The proportion of women on the boards of directors of public companies is only about 17%

  • Only 2% of all board chairmen are women

  • Only 1% of the world's capital is held by women

According to the monthly survey of the chief economist at the Ministry of Finance, in 2016 , women constituted only 26.1% of the workers in the Israeli high-tech industry. Of the R&D roles, women make up only about 15% of all employees, and managers and entrepreneurs are also in a significant minority of 7%

The main reasons for these gaps:

According to a study conducted in Mackenzie, the main reasons why there are fewer women in senior ranks:

Lack of access to informal networks, they do not have enough sponsors, they do not have enough mentors to learn from, there are not enough women in management and technology positions, who can be role models and inspirations.

All of us (women and men), even those who wholeheartedly believe in equality of ability and opportunity, are influenced by stereotypes and the common and existing model, which is mostly male, in management positions. The challenge and the burden of proof, the effort required, from women, is much more than from man. Different personality structure, organizational values ​​that do not value female characteristics, or unwillingness and not aware to differences.

Panthera strives to change existing realities and create female leadership!

  • More independent business owners, entrepreneurs, creators, CEOs, women on boards of directors and in senior positions

  • Increasing the percentage of ownership of businesses held by women and minorities

  • Increasing the number of women's partnerships with men

  • Increasing the average income of the self-employed

  • Increasing the profitability and revenue of the business

  • Increasing access to resources, loans and funds

  • Cultivating socially diverse female leadership

  • Social impact for a fair and egalitarian society- gender  minorities representation


The world has changed: if once a man was a hunter and a woman was a uterus, today, this dichotomy is irrelevant. There are barriers in a woman's path into what is considered male territory and senior women, who are a minority in the business world and own the financial capital.


We unite - not to control and not to isolate ourselves from the world. We band together, to rectify the situation, because no one will do it for us. We unite together because alone we do not have the necessary resources. Only 1 percent of the world's capital is held by women. It means we have no power and influence. Incorporation means power. Power to preserve the identity of the individuals in the group and its survival in an environment where there are always power struggles.

There is no gender equality in the world and certainly not in the business world. There is a great lack of female leadership. When we strengthen and take key positions, the contribution of female characteristics will have a huge social impact.

The purpose and vision of Panthera is the existence of gender equality in the business world and in the financial capital held by women. Supporting businesses owned or partnered by women and / or led by women, increasing the capital held by women, by accompanying the change processes and moving from management positions of inferior tenants, to seniority and independence. Establishing ventures that have an impact on society, through study and support and focusing on correcting what women lack in terms of business and managerial skills, creating business relationships and inspiring models and addressing the unique needs of women in business: risk taking, starting a business, raising capital, self-esteem, daring. To raise their salaries and to price them appropriately to the value of their service and support mothers who aspire to have  a business career.

We believe you just need a natural environment to thrive.


Willingness and desire for success!  

  • Participation in the regular weekly meetings 

  • Participation in strategy class and master class workshops

  • Sharing your experience with your tribal friends, through your lectures, workshops, and one-on-ones

  • Leads and help in opening doors for your friends in the tribe

  • Tolerance for the pace and way of your tribal friendships

  • Your smile and the good in you

  • The fire in you that will infect your friends

  • Your loyalty to the tribe and your desire to create change and impact on the society in which we live


Limor Dahan
VP of Community and Content and Founder

Experienced media woman: radio broadcaster, content vice president, psychotherapist, lecturer.

"The power of a tribe is embodied in the power of the individual. It has always been a synergistic connection that exists at the basis of the existence of everything. Listen, connect, support, learn, give, lead, dedicate. From the dawn of time, these values are etched in the DNA of every successful person ".

Galit Ben Simhon
CEO, entrepreneur and founder:

Expert in strategy, management and business development, with business, entrepreneurial and managerial experience of over 25 years, in large and medium-sized companies. She has held senior positions as CEO and VP and in initiating and establishing innovative and large companies. YES, AIG, First Direct, Bank Leumi, Phoenix, TVMALL. Has extensive experience in the worlds of finance, services, e-commerce, television, retail, communications, B2B and B2C, web, mobile, media and digital. Expert in managing and leading large teams, developing strong brands and a record of impressive business results.

Holds a master's degree in business administration from Tel Aviv University.

"I believe in excellent business, with clear business models, that do good and produce a social impact."

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