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The space was chosen as the best in the Israel for 2020 and 2021 by Spacenter and the most beautiful space in the by Housing magazine for 2020. 3 years in a row!


WhatsApp  for further details

Private Office
Starting from NIS 3,200 per month

  • Privat Office 24/7- No hours limit, 7 days a week
  • Including property taxes, electricity, water, management fees, cleaning
  • Office and reception services, printing and faxing
  • Meeting rooms per month - up to 6 hours free
  • Lounge bar and sun terrace for business meetings
  • Guest booking
  • Free WIFI and charging points
  • Light refreshments - coffee and cookies
  • Club track - face-to-face networking sessions / Masters class classes / lectures / workshops, social club, consultations with inspirational models.
  • The prices do not include VAT
  • Tax deductible

Hot spot
Co-working space
NIS 1,290 per month

  • Desk in a co-working space - unlimited hours.
  • Including property taxes, electricity, water, management fees, cleaning
  • Lounge bar and sun terrace for business meetings
  • Guest booking
  • WIFI and charging points  
  • Light refreshments - free coffee and cookies
  • Club membership - face-to-face networking meetings / Master Class meetings / lectures / workshops, social club, consultations with women who are inspirational models.
  • Price does not include VAT
    • Tax deductible
Two days a week -
790 NIS per month
Two days a week, Sundays-Thursdays only.
This track includes club memberships, a shared workspace.
Price does not include VAT

Track For 3 months 


  • Track combined with a simple learning program for how to invest in the capital market / stock market and how to take your business significant step forward.

  • The route includes 58 hours of:
    Strategy workshop for successful businesses - 5 frontal meetings that will teach you to jumpstart your business. 

  • "Stock market in a click, my dear" - 8 frontal meetings at the end of which you will discover how easy it is to make money from money. 

  • A weekly meet-up for networking, which includes a lecture / workshop from one of our panthers.

  • Master class meetings - Personal business consulting.

  • One on one meetings - an emotional focus for breakthrough.

  • Dedicated lecture lecture for women.

  • Club memberships in a community of independent women.

  • Club membership does not include a workspace.
    Cost 5,000 NIS for all 3 months and for the entire track.
    Continuers, who have completed this track, can continue to be club members - at a cost of 490 NIS per month
    Prices do not include VAT

  • Tax deductible

 Meeting rooms / classrooms
business/private events and parties 
Per hour 

  • Daily entrance to a co-working space - 119 NIS - 09:00 - 18:00 and Sundays-Thursdays only.
  • Meeting rooms from 4 people up to 30 people-  Up to 5 people at NIS 150 per hour, up to 8 people at NIS 200 per hour, up to  15 people, NIS 390 per hour and up to 30 people at NIS 780 per hour.   
  • Rental of meeting rooms, at night, and Friday and Saturday, plus NIS 100 per hour.  Includes hot and light drinks, free cookies.  Free WIFI and charging points. Excluding VAT.
  • Bar and roof lounge - for social events / boutique wedding / bar / t-mitzvah. Excluding VAT:
  •  Up to 60 people  -  At 2000 shekels per hour,  
  • Until  100 people - 2500 NIS per hour,
  • Up to 150 people 3000 NIS per hour.  
  • Up to 200 people -  3500 NIS per hour.
  • Roof-Top - Private parties only (up to 6 hours) - Bar and roof rental, including staff and including VAT -
  • 4,900 NIS- for up to 60 people
  • 6,900 NIS for up to 100 people
  • 8,900 NIS for up to 150 people
  • 11,900 NIS for up to 200 people.   
  • Total price: manager, cleaning, bartender, security guard as needed, stage, amplification system, lights and screen for video projections, refrigerators and ice machine.
  • There is a night license - until 3 in the morning and a license to sell alcohol
  • Alcohol packs can be ordered in advance.

WhatsApp  for further details

We will be happy to add you to our tribe!  

PANTHERA Tel Aviv, is located at 19 A'arba'a Street on the 3rd floor. The middle tower. Prime location. Near Sharona Market complex.  The area is full of parking lots. Sharona Market parking lot, at 60 shekels per day. From 16:00 there is parking on 17 Arba Street, at a cost of 12 shekels for the entire evening.

A parking ticket must be brought to the Panthera.

For arrivals  from outside of Tel-Aviv - 5 minutes walk from the Peace Train (Azrieli Center).

To join, please provide contact information
To book an online tour, click on the tour button above
or call 03.375.3000

We would love to be in touch
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