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Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Contract

Panthera (hereinafter "Panthera") is a cooperative and personal work space and club for women owned or partnered businesses. The services provided in space, are co-working space or personal, meeting rooms, business lounge, bar and lounge for conferences and events and services provided by the club's activities are focused on the business of female managers, business owners or partners, or businesses that promote representation egalitarian in their business, independent, create, Entrepreneurs and senior executives.

Club services that include: networking, campus for practical management, incubator, accelerator, investor recruitment, consultations, professional content and membership club.

"Panthera" focuses on launching and promoting businesses owned or partnered by women, businesses headed by senior executives and the promotion of professional women, in order to create a healthy, prosperous, gender-equal society. Admission to the Panthera Club, subject to a tour and a personal meeting. Not everyone can be accepted into the club. Subject to space and availability in space and personal interview.

It is clarified that Panthera does rent out work space, meeting rooms, a business lounge and a lounge, to people who are not members of the club.

This policy is drafted in female language for convenience.


The purpose and vision of Panthera is the existence of gender equality in the business world and in the financial capital held by women. Supporting businesses owned or partnered by women and / or led by women, increasing the capital held by women, by accompanying the change processes and moving from rental management positions to seniority and independence. Establishing projects that have an impact on society, through study and support and focusing on correcting what professional women lack in terms of business and managerial skills, creating business relationships and inspiring models and addressing the unique needs of women in business: risk taking, starting a business, raising capital, self-esteem, daring. To raise their salaries and to price them appropriately to the value of their service) and support mothers who aspire to a business career.


It is known that in "Panthera", the number of places in it is limited . Not every registrant and candidate will be accepted. "Panthera" conducts a personal interview and a tour by admission to the club. "Panthera" has the right to decide, at its sole discretion, the conditions of admission, in accordance with the parameters and registration processes, which will be determined from time to time.

"Panthera" reserves the right to refuse service or terminate memberships, or to cancel orders, at its sole discretion and a candidate and a registered company, confirms that it accepts these terms.

I agree that I have read, understood and agreed to be subject to the terms of the site and "Panther". I am aware that these terms apply to anyone (including friends, guests, users, visitors, candidates and others) who access the site and Panther. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any use made of the Website or the Business, including the purchase and / or entry and / or visit to the Website and / or the use and / or contact by email and / or any other media and I hereby give my consent and confirmation that I have read and understood The following Terms of Use including the privacy statement arising from these Terms of Use which appear below.


If you do not agree to the terms of use, please refrain from using the "Panthera" services and / or the "Panthera" website.

Policy changes

Changes may be made to the Terms, as prices, new services and additional content enter the Panther Site and Space. These terms may change at any time, and will be updated by posting on the Site. If any material changes have been made, an email will be sent to you. By using the site, you agree to be subject to such changes. The site users are encouraged to check these terms from time to time, to stay up to date with guidelines. Discounts and promotions will change from time to time.

Admission, conditions, registration fee, subscription fee, cancellation of membership

By using the site, even without registration, you give your consent to these terms. If you do not agree to this, please refrain from using the Site. Your continued use of the Site after posting changes will indicate your acceptance of those changes. These Terms and all rights and licenses granted below, are not transferable or assignable by you, but may be assigned by Panther, without limitation.
The registration fee is 150 NIS plus VAT, for an initial diagnosis process. In addition, the registration fee will give you the right to save space in the space or enter the waiting list, if received. Filling out the registration form and paying the registration fee do not guarantee joining. We will get back to you by email for final confirmation. The registration fee will not be refunded. On the day the doors are opened, for accepted companies, the subscription fee will be paid, monthly, by direct debit, by credit card or in 12 checks, for each month in advance. A company that has been accepted to "Panthera" will be able to cancel the appointment, with two months 'notice, and a resident can cancel with 3 months' notice. The company undertakes to pay the membership fee for the entire rental period, whether or not you actually use the leased property. It is forbidden for a company to sublet or transfer its subscription to another. The subscription is personal only. The company will be solely responsible for the maintenance of its work environment and equipment and its maintenance during the entire period of membership in good and proper condition, and the Panther has no and will have no responsibility regarding these.


Freeze policy

The freeze policy is intended for open space runways based on availability: an appointment can be frozen only once, subject to the completion of a 12-month appointment, not including the freeze period, and for a period of up to one month only. It is hereby clarified that during the freeze period the payment will continue as normal, and the freeze will be deducted from the last month in the appointment.

For the avoidance of doubt, the freeze is not included within the period of notice of departure of a subscriber, if a subscriber has decided to freeze an appointment and also to leave.


General statement of privacy, personal data and communication

When you visit the "Panthera" website and space or communicate with "Panthera", by registering, with your email - you are communicating electronically. By doing so, you agree to receive communication from the company electronically and / or by telephone. "Panthera" will contact you by email " To or by posting notices on the site and / or by telephone. You understand and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other engagements that Panther provides electronically, meet any legal requirement for written communications.

If you contact Panther companies or purchase products / services through the site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account, password and restricting access to your computer or mobile phone. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that take place under your account and password.

Information provided by the user

The Company ("Panther") does not collect any personal information about people - except when such information is knowingly provided to the Company, by you. You can obtain personal information from online transactions, including a membership application, registration fee, or payment for any purchase of products and services. In addition, personal information may be provided as part of the submission of a registration form or in connection with other activities or services available on the Site. Any personally identifiable information retrieved by the Company must be submitted by you. You acknowledge that you provide your personal information at your own risk.

The Company ("Panther") may use the information provided by you to contact you regarding important information, required announcements, events / conferences / courses / presentations in our space and website, as well as sales promotions. You can always choose to revoke your consent to any of these notices (other than those required by law, law or relevant regulations) by choosing to do so at the bottom of any email you receive from us or by sending us an email directly to the address.

In the order form, fill in the personal details that the Panther website requests, such as name, address, telephone, email and means of payment (hereinafter: "customer details") and finally send the form with the customer's details when they are complete, accurate, correct and complete to the site and / Or "Panthera" (hereinafter: "Registration Fee" / Execution of the Order "and / or" Order "). Be sure to fill in the details of the orderer accurately to ensure the execution of the order, or registration. They will check the customer's details with the credit company, in order to receive confirmation of the order. Upon receipt of the approval, the company will notify in an appropriate notice about the order confirmation (hereinafter: "order confirmation"). It will be emphasized that the customer is charged for the service or ordered product. And there is no confirmation from the credit company to place the order and therefore no confirmation of the order has been issued, the user will have to contact the customer service by email and / or phone as published on the website and settle the issue. To remove doubt the "Panthera" will have no liability and no direct damage. / Or indirect for orders that have not received an order confirmation.

Notice of confirmation of order does not constitute evidence of the execution of the transaction and confirmation of receipt and does not bind the company ("Panthera"). Only a registration registered on the "Panthera" computers with an official confirmation of acceptance for the candidate, will constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the action and admission to the "Panthera".

Information collected automatically

The site collects anonymous information about users automatically when people request pages through a browser. This information is used to track activity and help us keep track of people who use the site and also allows Panther to provide an optimal experience and better service, in all online offers. The information automatically collected by the server does not contain anything that can identify people personally, such as a home address.

Security statement

The Company (Panthera) makes every effort to ensure that all transactions occurring on the Site are secure and encrypted for the purpose of third party payment processors Maintaining the confidentiality of your information and credit card, electronic protections and procedures to protect accepted information. For example, we restrict access to this information to authorized employees and contractors who need to know the information in order to operate, develop or improve the Site. Please note that although we strive to provide security for the information we process and maintain, no security system can prevent all potential security breaches.

Secure connection

The company encrypts the essential information using the latest technologies and legal requirements. For example, the use of SSL technology to transmit encrypted information such as means of payment as is customary on e-commerce sites and / or in accordance with the international standard PCI DSS - a uniform standard for information security for businesses (third-party service).


Cookies - a small text file sent to your browser from a website and stored on your hard drive. Data cannot be read from your hard disk and computer and is for tracking purposes only. The company ("Panthera") reserves the right to use such files for information.

How this cookie information is used-

The following are examples: If you wish to register for companies or purchase products / services available for sale on the website or in the "Panther" space, the necessary personal information (similar to those provided during a purchase by phone or on the website) will be used to complete the order.

You may receive an email at the email address you provided as part of the registration process.

Cumulative data can be analyzed to describe the collective characteristics and behaviors of online visitors, then used by us to optimize the effectiveness of the overall experience. You can help us maintain the accuracy of your personal information by updating your account when making changes.

Acquisition of companies, products and registration

If you acquire membership in the Company or pay a registration fee, or purchase any product or service, the terms of sale contained in this section apply to you, as well as other specific rules, usage restrictions or procedures we may provide to you in relation to your purchase. below:

You agree to provide your payment information when registering, purchasing or renewing memberships or ordering any product on the site. You confirm that there is enough money or credit available in each order, to ensure the purchase price and your place. Please note that our payment page is operated by third-party payment processors.

Unless otherwise stated, the prices quoted do not include: a - the costs of delivery or transportation to the agreed place of delivery; And (b) value added tax and any other tax or duty which must be added to the price to be paid. You agree to pay VAT on the registration fee, on your subscription fee, on the delivery or transportation of products determined by us on the site.

Registration and acquisition / ordering of companies must be for your personal use only. Transferring memberships to other people is prohibited.

By purchasing unique services and products on the Site, you hereby agree not to transfer, sell or distribute these products for any commercial purpose or to anything else.

All orders are subject to our acceptance or rejection based on availability, acceptance conditions, product availability. Non-compliance with these terms or for any other reason as determined in our sole discretion. For example, if we have reason to believe that your listing is not for personal use, we reserve the right to reject or cancel any order.

Cancellation of membership of companies and non-acceptance: The policy of cancellation and suspension of companies is detailed in the terms and conditions of the companies, which is available to all candidates accepted into the company.

The Company (Panthera) reserves the right to refuse service or terminate membership, at its sole discretion, immediately. If Panthera initiates the cancellation of the appointment, the subscriber will be reimbursed the remaining portion of the membership fees she paid, calculated from the moment of the announcement of the termination of her membership in Panthera.

The company has the right to cancel an appointment with two months 'notice and the resident to cancel a lease with 3 months' notice.

Returns and credits of products for sale on the site
The company ("Panther") will sell, from time to time, dedicated products. Products marked on the Site as non-refundable or "final sale", other products, unwashed or defective, may be returned within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the Products. The products can only be returned if you purchased the products on the website or in the physical location of the company (Panthera). To return a product, you must email us. You must return products in the original packaging, along with the accessories included and their packaging, valid proof of purchase. You are responsible for all shipping and handling fees on returned items, unless otherwise stated, and bear the risk of loss for Return or exchange of products.The company (Panthera) is not responsible for returned products without our instructions, or for loss, damage, alteration.In our discretion, credit for partial returns may be lower than the invoice price or the price of a single item due to aggregated pricing of sales, or parts Missing.Your refund amount will be made according to the original payment method.The shipping fee is non-refundable.Cancellation policy is here under the Consumer Protection Act.

Shipments; delivery;

The company ("Panther") will be responsible for arranging the delivery of the products to you. You will pay all shipping and handling fees unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation. Delivery and delivery times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. The company ("Panthera") is not responsible for delays in deliveries, and you are not entitled to a refund of any product ordered by you as a result of a delivery delay.

Links / Third Party Sites

The company ("Panthera") has not reviewed all sites linked to the "Panthera" site and is not responsible for the content or pages outside the "Panthera" site or other linked sites. Although a third party website and / or application may contain the company logo ("Panther"), you must understand that it does not depend on the company (Panthera), and that the company (Panthera) has no control over all content displayed on a linked site and / or application. Going to third-party sites or off-site is at your own risk. These links do not indicate support, sponsorship or membership in the company ("Panther")

link to a website

You can link to our home page, provided you do so fairly, which does not damage or exploit our reputation. However, you may not create a link to offer any kind of association, approval or sponsorship on our part, without our express written consent.

Social media and behavioral values

At the company ("Panthera") we advocate the values ​​of sharing and mutual help, professionalism, responsibility, empathy, personal and business empowerment and the promotion of each other. The Company ("Panthera") will not tolerate any particular type of social behavior of users of the "Panthera" site and / or site / space, whether indirectly or directly, in focus or in connection with the Company ("Panthera"), its members, officers , Directors, employees, consultants, its mentors, companies and other subscribers. Including for example: (a) defamation, malice, rudeness, threats, discrimination, harassment, threatening remarks or propaganda and hatred; (B) a call for violence of any kind or other threats of any kind; Or (c) conduct that violates any law or regulation. In the event that the Company ("Panther") feels that this section has been violated, we reserve all rights to take action, including but not limited to: (i) adding, removing or modifying any Content, including Comments, (ii) Blocking any Uses and (iii) discontinue all of its social media channels, at any time. In any case of practice (direct or indirect by influencing any other person) any such prohibited conduct on your social media channels regarding the Company ("Panther") or any of the managers, employees, agents, policies, services or other products or members, The Company may immediately terminate your membership or use of this Site and retain all legal rights and take legal action.

Intellectual Property Rights

The company's trademarks ("Panther") are the sole property of its owners. Do not use them for any reason, except under the conditions expressly stated. All site content, design, text, graphics and interfaces; The services, the products, their choice and arrangement; And all software and application are the property of the Company ("Panther"). You have the right to view, copy electronically and print in printed parts of the site for personal use only. Any other use of the materials on the site, including modification, distribution or reproduction for purposes other than those stated above, without obtaining prior written permission from the company (Panthera), is strictly prohibited

You acknowledge that the Company's content providers ("Panther"), the consultants / mentors or third parties remain the owners of all content content of the site, and that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading, copying or using such material in accordance with these terms. The Company ("Panther") may terminate or remove the Site, or any portion thereof, or terminate your right to use the Site, or any portion thereof, at any time. The Company ("Panthera") reserves all rights not expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions and on this Site.

Girls / boys under the age of 12

Our site is not intended for children under the age of 12. No one under the age of 12 may provide any information to the site. The company ("Panthera") does not knowingly collect personal information of children under the age of 12. If you are under the age of 12, do not provide information on this site or about or through any of its features / register on the site. If we learn, collect or receive personal information from a child under the age of 12 without verifying parental consent, we will delete that information. This site is not available to all users previously removed from the site by the company (Panthera), for any reason.

Data mining is not allowed
You are not authorized, without the prior written consent of the Company ("Panther") to use any computer code, data mining software, "robot", "bot", "spider" or other automated device, or program, algorithm or methodology that has processes or functionality, Or any manual process, to monitor or copy all web pages, data or content contained on this site or access it through this site. You also can not mass download files from this site; Use the computer processing power of this site for purposes other than those permitted above; Flood the site with electronic traffic designed to slow down or shut down; Or create links to or from other sites to this site

You are not authorized to use this site for commercial purposes

Users are not permitted to sell, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, perform in public, report or otherwise prepare derivative works or second-hand works secondary content signal, based on any material and content of the Company ("Panther"), in any way for any public purpose Or commercial. Therefore, you are not authorized (1) to sell or make commercial use of this site or our content; (2) collect or use any product records, services, descriptions, photographs or prices displayed on this site in connection with the sale or resale of any product or service or for any other commercial purpose; Or (iii) create, reproduce and / or distribute materials derived from the content appearing on this site. Furthermore, the Company's material (Panthera) may not be displayed or transmitted on any other website and / or application, in a networked computer environment or other digital support for any purpose. In case of violation of any of these conditions, your permission to use the Company's material ("Panthera") will end automatically and any copy of the Company material (Panthera) will be deleted immediately

Any unauthorized use of the Company's material ("Panther") may violate state criminal law, copyright infringement, trademark laws, privacy or advertising laws, and communications regulations.

Disclaimer of Warranty

You agree that your use of the Virtual and Physical Website will be at your own risk. The site and space are provided to you on an "as is" basis. In relation to the website and physical location. The Company ("Panther") and third party licensors, agents, consultants, business partners, such as Discount Bank, make no representations about your use or performance of your site or business. The Company ("Panther") disclaims any express or implied warranty, warranty, guarantees and conditions, including, without limitation, all representations, warranties, guarantees and terms of tradability, suitability for a particular purpose. The Company ("Panther") and the providers of third party services and agents / consultants / mentors, third parties are not obligated in relation to the performance or business results obtained by using the website or any materials or content displayed on the site, in the "Panther" space or face to face. The company ("Panther") has no responsibility for any viruses associated with the materials on the website. Without limiting the foregoing rules, the Company and third party licensors and agents and consultants and mentors do not warrant that (a) the materials on the Site and the Website will meet your requirements, (b) the materials on the Site and Website Operation or use in combination with other hardware, software, systems or data; C) The use or use of the Site or the materials on the Site shall be uninterrupted or error free, or (d) any errors in the Software shall be corrected. You assume all responsibility for determining whether the materials and content are accurate or reasonable for your purposes. The Company ("Panther") and its employees and third party licensors and consultants, will not be liable for personal or business damage or property damage, of any kind, resulting from your access to the Site and / or the "Panther" space and / or use of materials and content on the Site. The Company ("Panther") and its third party licensors and agents and consultants, do not create any representations, warranties or conditions regarding the quality, suitability, accuracy, or completeness of the materials contained on the Site

Limitation of liability

The Company ("Panther") and any third party licensee, agents, partners and consultants shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of using, modifying, assigning, copying, distributing or accessing the Company and the Site and the Company for any damages incurred as a result of non-use of the Site or Company. Under no circumstances shall the Eligible or Third Party Agents or Third Parties be liable for indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of, whether through a contract, negligence or any other action arising out of or in connection with the use of the Site, the Content, Even if the company (Panthera) has previously announced the possibility of such damage. You acknowledge and agree that the Company (Panthera) will not be responsible for the intentional, abusive or unlawful conduct of any third party. As a user, as a company your only remedy for non-enjoyment is to stop the membership and use of the site and the company's services. The said limitation of liability shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by the jurisdiction.

The site is controlled and operated by facilities in Israel. The company has no representation for use elsewhere. Those who enter the site or use it from other countries, do so on their own initiative and are fully responsible for complying with all laws and regulations of Israel and local laws, including but not limited to, the export and import regulations. You may not use the Site if you are a foreign resident or person or entity blocked or rejected by the Government of Israel. Unless otherwise stated, all materials on the site are directed solely to professionals, freelancers, businesses / startups and startups.


You hereby agree to protect, indemnify the Company ("Panther") and all licensees and agents, partners, consultants and third parties from damaging and you undertake not to sue the company or all licensees and agents and consultants and third parties for any damages, liabilities, losses, costs Or duties and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney's fees) arising out of or relating to: (a) negligence, error, omission or intentional misconduct, (b) breach of any of these terms, including vendor avoidance, media use policy Social and rules of conduct, or (c) your use of the physical and Internet site.


Tenant protection laws do not apply

The company / resident is not protected under the provisions of the Tenant Protection Law (combined version), 1972 (hereinafter - "Tenant Protection Law") and not under the provisions of any other law that exists or will be enacted in the future that protects the company or tenant in any way , And the said laws and their amendments, as well as the regulations and / or orders enacted or to be enacted thereunder do not apply and will not apply to the tenancy, and the companies, and the agreement.The company declares that it is not a protected tenant and that it waives in advance any right granted to her as a tenant. The Company declares that it has not been asked for or paid any key fees as defined in the Tenant Protection Act or payments that may be construed or considered as key fees, and that all work, alterations, renovations, improvements and improvements made to the Leased Property - if any - Are not and will not be fundamental changes, and the provisions of Part C of the Tenant Protection Act will not apply to the agreement.


"Guest" Policy

Depending on the route chosen, the company / resident may admit guests, subject to the terms of the route she has chosen and paid for.

Guests will be considered to be anyone the company / resident brings into the space and who are not employees of the company / resident and / or partners in its business, or its assistants.

Guests are also not subscribers / subscribers to Panther - a subscriber can not enter the space on a guest standard of another subscriber, beyond the times allowed in the contract, unless she attends an event / course / workshop / lecture or any other paid content and she purchased tickets for it .

Guests are not allowed to stay in the entire space when the company / resident who invited them is not present.

If a company / resident wishes to bring certain people into the space, on a regular basis, it must pay for a route according to the desired number of hours and subject to the existing routes at that time.

It will be clarified that, a resident, pays for the number of people pre-defined for the room she rented and not beyond that number.

She is not allowed to share her office with her guests / employees / partners / assistants, or populate the room as a sublate to others during her absence from the room.

For example: a resident in a single room, pays only for herself and is not allowed to regularly seat another person in her room nor another person in her place.

A company in the Unlimited route (unlimited), is not allowed to bring partners / employees / assistants to the space on a regular basis. Even in this case, she must arrange another route for these people.


Accessibility - All accessibility adjustments and provisions made in accordance with accessibility regulations have been made in the space.


Regulations and Rules of Conduct-General

The Company undertakes to comply and fulfill at its own expense and sole responsibility the provisions of any law as well as all laws, bylaws, regulations, binding guidelines etc., of any competent authority, applicable and applicable to the Company's use of space and business conducted by the Panther Company, obtain any license or A permit is required by law to run a business in Panthera, and it assumes all responsibility in this regard.

The Company undertakes to use the Panther space in a reasonable manner and to observe all the laws, regulations and provisions of "Panther", specified in the regulations or given orally and by any competent authority relating to the space, its operation, management and maintenance, and obtain the necessary licenses from the competent authorities. Which will be valid for the entire period of membership.

The company is responsible for the maintenance of its equipment and any equipment that is inserted by it or by anyone on its behalf into a panther space or building and will be solely responsible for any loss or damage caused to such equipment.

The company undertakes not to do anything in the Panther space and / or in any part of it or in connection with it that may constitute a hazard or nuisance or cause damage or inconvenience to landlords, other companies or the public who visit the space and building and / or users of nearby leases and / or real estate. The company will take care of the cleanliness of the tenant and its immediate surroundings, and will conduct its business exclusively in the space areas of Panthera. The company undertakes not to place waste outside the space, and not to cause or allow nuisance, nuisance, inconvenience or inconvenience to visitors and / or tenants. The Company will bear any liability imposed on it by law in respect of injury and / or damage that may be caused to any person and / or any legal entity, including "Panthera" due to an act and / or omission of the Company and / or anyone on its behalf, in connection with operating a Panther space transaction .

Upon termination of the membership, the company will not be entitled to any payment that is from "Panthera" and / or a replacement tenant, neither as a key fee nor as payment for improvements or installations in the lease, made by it.

The company will have to terminate the membership on the date set when the "Panthera" complex, including balconies and other adjacent areas, is free of any person and object belonging to it.

"Panthera" is entitled to mortgage and / or mortgage and / or convert and / or sell and / or lease and / or lease and / or transfer this agreement, in whole or in part, and / or the rights under it and / or its rights in the lease, All or some of them, after or after others, in any manner as "Panthera" deems fit at its sole discretion but subject to the preservation of the full rights of the company under this agreement.


Choice of law

The site and its use are subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Any claim arising out of your use must be brought before the Tel Aviv court


In any dispute you agree to contact the Company ("Panther") and resolve the dispute with us unofficially. In the unlikely event that the Company (Panthera) fails to resolve a dispute after sixty (60) days, we agree to any resolution of a claim, dispute (excluding claims for fair or other relief, hereinafter) of or in connection with or in connection with these Terms, or a breach or breach. Its alleged (collectively, "claims"), for arbitration is binding by the Israeli Arbitration Association according to their commercial arbitration rules. The arbitration will take place in Tel Aviv unless you and the company ("Panthera") agree otherwise. Any judgment given by the arbitrator may enter any court having appropriate judicial jurisdiction. This section shall not be construed as motivating the Company (Panthera) to seek legal or other remedies from the courts, as necessary, to prevent an actual violation, or threat, or violation of our information security, intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights.

With respect to each and every person, in any case of their acceptance or use of the Services or the Website for personal, commercial or other purposes, all claims should be brought in the private capacity of the parties, and not with an inciting member or class of class actions. Unless the Company (Panthera) agrees otherwise, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person's claims. You agree that by entering into this Agreement you and the Company (Panthera) waive their right, a collective action, or any other class action of any kind.

These Terms, together with any amendments and other agreements you may enter into with the Company ("Panther"), will constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company ("Panther") regarding the Digital Website and the Physical Space. If any provision of these Terms is not valid by a court with jurisdiction, the validity of this provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of these Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect, except in the event of non-enforcement, waiver of the Arbitration Agreement. The whole will be unenforceable. Any waiver of any of these terms shall be deemed to be an additional or continuing waiver of this term or any other term, and the failure of the Company ("Panther") to determine any right or provision under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

If there are discrepancies between the sections, those that are more plausible in the circumstances and context will prevail


Please contact us regarding any questions regarding the terms and conditions of engagement listed here.

Contact Us:

Panthera Pro Ltd. - HF 515743318


hello@pantherapro.com- Sales, registration and questions

galit@pantherapro.com- CEO

limor@pantherapro.com- VP of Content

shani@pantherapro.com- VP of Marketing

Phone to call: /

Tel Aviv branch address: Migdal Tichon, 19 HaAraba Street, Tel Aviv

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