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  פנתרה ארועי שף

Business, private event, wedding, or party

The place for a business/private event/wedding/party - the experience includes a bar, cocktails, professional bar staff, catering with chefs of various types. In the space of private rooms, for getting ready, changing clothes, makeup and rest

Design style of a loft, New York with a ROOFTOP bar and a Tel Aviv urban view. Natural materials, solid wood parquet floor and brick walls. A cultural, artistic, organic feeling and a romantic, harmonious, sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere

The space was chosen 3 years in a row, for the most beautiful and best space, in the most equal in Tel Aviv

Open 7 days a week, including Friday and Saturday

Business license and night until 03:00

Up to 200 people

Our address: Prime-Location, at 19 Ha'Arbaa St. in Tel Aviv. Adjacent to Sarona Market
Plenty of parking under the building at a price of NIS 20 for the whole evening

5 minutes walk from the Shalom/Azrieli train and we are right above Yehudit station in Tel Aviv - the light rail - the red line

WhatsApp-For details and space reservation 

לאונג בר
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  • Space for events : 500 sqm

  • Up to 200 people in summer and 150 people in winter

  • Bar stools and low seating chairs in front of the stage up to 80 people

  • Sitting around tables - 160 people

  • dance floor

  • All types of cocktails

  • Professional bar staff including Friday and Saturdays

  • have a business and night license Accessibility and all insurances

  • Plenty of parking under

WhatsApp-for details and space reservation 



  • STAGE - 20 square meters


    • Bringer xair18 mixer

    • iPad

    • Samsung 10 inch monitor

    • 11 inch alto monitor

    • Microphones:

    • 1 akg condenser

    • 2 dynamic microphones Samsung Q7 

    • 2 dynamic microphones for instruments of 
      akg d40

    • 2 boxes DA Active - Bringer

    • Stands:

    • 2 long boom

    • 2 short boom

    • Cables:

    • 4 short XLR 

    • 2 medium XLR

    • 1 long XLR

    • 4 PL standard size.

    • Aux cable outputs for 2 TRS

    • X 3 cable aux ports to 2 RCA 



  • Area: 200 square meters

  • Low and high seating -80

  • Standing - 150 people

Equipped bar 

All types of alcohol

Professional bar staff



IMG_4954 small.jpg
IMG_5318-HDR small.jpg
IMG_5022-HDR small.jpg

private events-Weddings, parties and business events

bar, balcony, roof-top including staff, amplification and lighting, chefs, for up to 200 people in summer and up to 150 people in winter
Our prices are 25% to 35% cheaper for weddings and events with a chef in Tel Aviv and the center

from local suppliers

  • Kitchen heating equipment: refrigerators, 2 sinks, shelves, microwave oven, plates and glasses and amount

  • Ice machine, mixers


Additional dataSharona Market, 5 minutes walk from the Peace Train 

 from 17:00 parking for NIS 25 for the whole evening at Aarbaa 17 st, Millennium Tower

floor: 3

Elevators: 4


Parking: Parking in the building and  around


For more details and event booking:
Fill out the form

Or -book a tour online, top button tour
Or -call 972-3-3753000

Or -WhatsApp : 972.54.97.812.97

WhatsApp-For details and space reservation 

We would love to be in touch

WhatsApp-For details and space reservation 

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