Want to win differently?


Social Club

Lounge bar, business lounge, stage and terrace for live performances, lectures.

Great atmosphere

Round tables, Awards Gala, conferences, female founders program, leadership and fundraising, matchmaking activities between startups and investor.

Impact Venture Capital

Accelerate women & Minorities businesses

Impacting the economy & the world

We focus on women and minorities, pre seed/seed rounds: that are scalable and have strong business model and a unique competitive advantage that impact our world.

We are looking for investors in our  VC fund.


Community, Mentors and inspirational models

The power to make business happen, by creating opportunities. The circle gets bigger. You are not alone. Networking- face-to-face, meetings every week on a regular basis. Creating collaborations and attracting investors. Professional women role models, mentors, a learning community.

Consultations on a daily basis that will help you overcome crises, and grow your business





Building a business, partnerships, 

investment opportunities. Founders support and incubate, forwarding their team skills and experience during workshops, Strategy, leadership program and practical management skills


זוכה תחרות המתחם הטוב ביותר 2020.jpg

A business club, community and co-working space in Tel Aviv, that operates to accelerate businesses that are led by women, socially diverse and those that have a social and economic impact on our world.
We work to inspire women to succeed, by building inspiring businesses. We get to see more and more amazing women who participate in changing our world and improve the quality of business performance. We want to leave our children, a new earth, where there are equal opportunities, to reach influence, economic security and key positions.
Panthera is an hyperactive space, community based, pushing to succeed. A space that aims to grow businesses and increase their contribution to the world, while providing knowledge and information and using practical business tools, workshops, lectures, mentorship, inspiration, investor recruitment and a strong community.
The activity schedule - includes weekly master class meetings, workshops, courses, consultation, lectures, networking and live performances. Details in the activity board here on the site.

The space was chosen as the most beautiful and designed office and work space in the country by Building and Housing Magazine for 2020 and by Space Center for the best space for 2021.


Our Impact VC fund is in process -Unique Model. Unique Visibility.

Now with its venture capital layer, Panthera Impact Venture Capital introduces a first of its kind vertical integrated approach model that provides a unique observation and deal flow perspective about entrepreneurs through multiple levels:

  1. Identifying opportunities from the field, once they emerge, in the early days of companies and in diverse industries. An arm of business intelligence and an arm of innovation and impact

  2. Personal – knowing the future founders and CEO’s personally vs. a hasty pitch presentation provides us with broader validation tools in terms of leadership, trust, resolve, and other professional skills.

  3. Hands-on approach – Panthera becomes an integral companion for the entrepreneur’s journey of strategy, product-market-fit,
    business plan refinement, and overall execution.

Founding partners: Galit Ben-Simhon, Dr. Shoshana Feingold-Studnik, Ariel Sacerdoti

The Panthera business model is unique and one of a kind. No other players offer such a game changing business model.

We invite investors interested in being part of our fund to contact us

Space real estate services - personal offices / co- work space, fully equipped meeting rooms, business lounge, huge and exciting terrace, treatment clinics, stage for lectures and live performances. Catering from local suppliers.

Accessibility - All accessibility adjustments and provisions made in accordance with accessibility regulations have been made in the space.

Address: 19 HaAraba Street, 3rd floor. Tel Aviv, The Middle Tower, Tel Aviv Business Center with ample parking. Adjacent to Sharona Market, behind the Cinematheque, near the Fashion Mall and near the Azrieli (Peace) train.


Our space- short clip

  • Business owners / entrepreneurs / freelancers who want to grow their business and grow to the next level

  • Women who are interested in starting a business and increasing social networking

  • A professional who is undecided about the next step in her career

  • An activist who wants to create social change and impact for a fair society and equality

  • Businesses and companies that want to rent offices / meeting rooms and a place for events and conference


Who is it for?

  • Not alone, a supportive community

  • Creating business relationships and networking

  • Business development Workshops

  • Development of personal and managerial skills

  • Enjoyable work environment

  • Social and cultural environment

  • Business, financial

  • Access to investors

Added value

Photo gallery 

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תמונת פנתרות
תמונת חלל מלא
תמונת הרצאה
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בלה דונה
רקדניות לטיניות
Space photos on 19 Arbaa Street, 3rd floor, Tel Aviv, Middle Tower

Panthers you will meet

מילי אינדיג
מילי אינדיג

Familist מייסדת ומנ"כלית

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סמדר סגל מילר
סמדר סגל מילר

ארט דירקטור, מיתוג, עיצוב ux/ui

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שירית זקס חיים
שירית זקס חיים

יועצת ארגונית, מאמנת מנטלית

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אלינור נידם
אלינור נידם

אדריכלית ובעלת משרד תיווך "הנדלניסטיות" ביפו

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דבי פישמן
דבי פישמן

SuperBill יזמת, מייסדת ומנכ"לית

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ליאת עברון
ליאת עברון

מעצבת פנים מתמחה בפרוייקטים פרטיים ומסחריים

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כוכבה קמיר
כוכבה קמיר

יחסי ציבור ויעוץ תקשורתי

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מיכל ליבנה
מיכל ליבנה

מנחת סדנאות בורסה לנשים

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Limor Dahan
VP of Community/Content and Founder

Experienced media woman: radio broadcaster, content vice president, psychotherapist, lecturer.

"The power of a tribe is embodied in the power of the individual. It has always been a synergistic connection that exists at the basis of the existence of everything. Listen, connect, support, learn, give, lead, dedicate. From the dawn of time, these values are etched in the DNA of every successful person ".

Clip about our content and events 

Galit Ben Simhon
CEO, entrepreneur and founder:

Expert in strategy, management and business development, with business with 30 years of business experience, entrepreneurship in large to medium and small companies. Galit has held senior positions as CEO and VP and in initiating and establishing innovative large companies. YES, AIG, First Direct, Bank Leumi, Phoenix, TVMALL. Has extensive experience in the worlds of finance, services, e-commerce, television, retail, communications, B2B and B2C, web, mobile, media and digital. Expert in managing and leading large teams, developing strong brands and a record of impressive business results.

Holds a master's degree in business administration from Tel Aviv University.

"I believe in excellent business, with clear business models, that do good and produce a social impact."