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Panthera  Accelerator
The best way to business entrepreneurship     



Part B.  Practical workshops
  10sessions - marketing strategy: brand, product characterization, business plan, raising capital  strategy, connecting to investors
In addition, personal guidance throughout the program by a team of senior mentors in the Israeli high-tech world 

Part A. Introductory workshop

4 sessions - Strategy workshop for successful businesses: What makes a business successful - each session includes simulations. Lecturer: Galit Ben Simhon, Founder and CEO of PANTHERA.

Our Accelerator - the most comprehensive and practical program, based on real entrepreneurial experience of hundreds of successful ventures, in an exciting and inspiring environment, where you will feel at home and safe to break out and fulfill your dream.

Our acceleration program is designed for diverse gender and social enterprises, for women and minorities.

In the program you will learn and build a business and technological infrastructure - established, practical and at eye level, for business growth and success. You will learn and develop more accurate services and products, you will price yourself correctly, you will communicate messages in accordance with your product / service. Above all - you will understand in depth how to build a successful, scalable and growing business and how to raise money from the best investors in the country for you. During the program you will refine your idea, sharpen your added value, you will find your differentiation and your competitive advantage, you will create a brand strategy, narrative and branding. We will help you characterize the product / service and develop a demo or initial product, we will build with you the business plan, cash flow, presentation to investors. Meet inspiring women and smart investors and you will not be alone. We will accompany you and provide you with tools, support and inspiration.

14 face-to-face workshops, to be delivered by leading Mentors.

Two senior business mentors will be attached to each venture, at least one with knowledge in the technological field of each venture and the other with experience in establishing or managing startups or high-tech companies

Industry Experts - In addition to the project's personal mentors, you will meet with content experts on any relevant topic

Consulting services - guidance of expert consultants in the fields of entrepreneurship, intellectual property, law and justice, finance and more

Networking Investor Meetings - Social meetings with business people and entrepreneurs designed to create social networks, collaborations and business opportunities

Demo Day - a closing event in the presence of senior investors, in this event the ventures will present their ventures to a panel of investors as well as industry people, high-tech companies, venture capital funds and stakeholders
Alongside your studies, you will belong to a community of people like you and enjoy a collaborative work space, chosen as the best in the country,  To serve as your new office for up to 3 months. The 100-hour program of studies and practical work, workshops and personal guidance, in order to give you the best tools and ways of coping in the process

Who is it for ?: Women and minorities. Diverse gender and social enterprises - pre-lime and lime phase.

An investment will be in each venture that successfully passed the accelerator, in exchange for shares in the company.

Part A. Introductory workshop
Strategy for successful businesses
This is how you will make your venture successful

Session 1

Processes in developing a marketing strategy for your business:

  • What is a marketing strategy?

  • Components of the marketing strategy

  • SWOT analysis model - Introduction

  • Where is your business today?

  • Customer profile

  • Differentiation and value creation

Session 2

Analysis of your business according to the SWOT model:

  • Competitor analysis

  • Business strength/Weaknesses 

  • Opportunities

  • Threats facing the business

Session 3

Research, Focus groups, value propositions , service and product development and pricing:

  • Cross-referencing SWOT analysis , researches, proposition and creating differentiation

  • Pricing

  • Ficus groups - qualitative and quantitative research

Session 4

Positioning and development of creative and innovative thinking:

  • Creating a positioning axis and differentiation with real added value for the target audience

  • Positioning  analysis against competitors

  • Deciding on the marketing strategy of my business

  • Development of new services and products, creative thinking

Part II. Workshops   

Session 5

Mission and vision processes:

  • Mission and vision processes

  • Setting goals, objectives and challenges

  • Values

Session 6

What's your story?

  • Narative

  • What's your story?

  • Product truth

  • What make you a brand?

  • What is good branding?

  • Media

  • Targeting

Session 7

Marketing communications:

  • Customer profile

  • Marketing communication in the digital world - media, social networks, Google, measurement and its effectiveness in communication and advertising

  • B2B B2C sales

Session 8

Content strategy:

  • Development of a content strategy 

  • Content sources

  • Content in the digital world - basic rules

Session 9

Business plan and cash-flow

Build a business plan, cash flow and budget

Session 10

Approval of the marketing and brand strategy. Creative brief, approving branding

Session 11


Leadership, gender and social consciousness and tools for changing perceptions. paradigms and practical tools for daily conduct with a social and economic impact.

Session 12

Capital raising strategy

Session 13

Creating MVP 

Session 14

Legal aspects of setting up a start-up company and working with investors

  1. Due Diligence process with investors

  2. Build a CAP table and employee options

  3. Conduct negotiations with investors without losing control of the start-up


Up to one hour per  week- Master class and personal mentoring  

Mangement Team

Management team

Mikhal Yogev.png

Michal Yogev -

has over 20 years of experience as a marketing manager in leading high-tech and industry companies such as: ECI, Ormat, Tadiran, Commtouch and more. Expert in establishing marketing infrastructure for B2B markets, B2C in both domestic and international market. Today, Michal shares this knowledge with businesses and organizations by building a marketing strategy, branding, and writing marketing content.

Michal holds a master's degree in communications from Tel Aviv University.


IMG_8456 (2).jpg

Limor Dahan- 

Vice President of Community and Content and Founder of PANTHERA.
Experienced communication woman: radio broadcaster, content development and management for communication, psychotherapist, lecturer.
"The power of a tribe is embodied in the power of the individual. It has always been a synergistic connection that exists at the basis of the existence of everything. Listen, connect, support, learn, give, lead, dedicate. From the dawn of time, these values are etched in the DNA of every successful person

Dr-Shoshana-Feingold-Studnik photo.jpg

Dr. Shoshana Stadnik Feingold -

Dr. Shoshana Feingold-Stadnik -  Co-Founder - Expert and Financial and Strategic Entrepreneur. US and German real estate.

Shoshana lectures at a number of universities in the US, Germany and Israel on strategy and international marketing; promoting Israeli and European start-ups in her role as an investor in Panthera and J-Ventures, as an ambassador in GINSUM, a mentor in Techfounders.

In her spare time she volunteers as Vice President of WIZO Germany. Shoshana holds an MBA with the highest honors and a Ph.D. In Economics with honors from the Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Germany.



Galit Ben Simhon - CEO, entrepreneur, and founder of PANTHERA. Expert in strategy, management and business development. Has business, entrepreneurial and managerial experience of over 25 years in large and medium-sized companies. She has held senior positions as CEO and VP and initiating and establishing innovative and large companies such as YES , AIG, the first direct, Bank Leumi and Phoenix, with extensive experience in the worlds of finance, services, e-commerce, television, retail, B2B and B2C  Expert in managing and leading large teams, developing strong brands and a record of business results Impressive.

Holds a master's degree in business administration from Tel Aviv University. 

Customers tell

IMG_4756 small.jpg

it's just the time to think a little out of the box, take the present and the future in  your hand and create your own business. Get energies from professional. you should know the framework that best suits your purpose. To take you from the crisis to growth. Panthera complex is an enterprise with amazing energy that provides all its members with practical tools, courses, workshops and personal consulting. See for yourself!

Sharon Ben Yehuda

Entrepreneur Photophile Medical

Not just added value, I re-learned everything.  It is one thing to learn the general material, but it is a completely different thing to adapt the theory to the practice of your business.
Everything was great-Accessible, clear, motivational with a lot of patience, love and of course faith in us .
I have never received such advice before. I have never met people in the field of entrepreneurship from whom I wanted to learn. Only in Panthera.
The amazing women who teach us, the apprentices, believe in us, cheer us on, scold at us, laugh with us, and simply be there for us.
A  was the perfect experience, that helped me grow as a professional in the field I chose.
Highly recommend. I was privileged to go through a constructive experience, a short and concise route, so precise and well-built, with a lot of investment and thought. Fun to grow up in the company of amazing women who i now look up to and really adore. Equally important - the pleasure of arriving in a beautifully designed, and aesthetically pleasing space, managed in an exemplary manner, where you can participate in activities and meet interesting people. Thank you very much ❤️

Regina Kotowski

I have previously been in a business development course and a marketing course - without value, without a comprehensive methodology. In the Panthera course, maximum thought and attention was invested in each of the participants. As evidence, each of the participants came out with an action plan that is 100% appropriate to its size and it is important to note that the fair price reflects a worldview of business promotion. (Galit, you would be able to price at a higher price and still the demand would not change)

The course in comparison to other courses is the Deluxe Steel 10-star hotel, like Genesis Hotel in front of everyone else. Glad for the feedback so thank you Galit and Michal for your knowledge, dedication, personal responsibility and no less important for the  "soft landing" to the community.

Avital Atias

Business consultant


Times and price

Leave your details

Duration - up to 3 months and requires presence in the space at least twice a week.

At the end of the track for entrepreneurs who successfully pass the accelerator - an investment will be made in exchange for shares in the company. 

Date of submission of applications:  

Date of completion of screenings and selection of participants:

Accelerator opening date:

Who is it for ?: Women and minority and diversify team-seed and seed stage.

Cost of participation  Accelerator-  

Includes a place to work on your business in a jco-working space, selected as the best in the Israel.

XXX $ plus VAT, for each company, for the entire period.

Location: Panthera - 19 Arbaa Street, 3rd floor, Tel Aviv.  

Phone : 972.3.375.3000  

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