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The school for change


Let's be part of a panther - a wooden work space

The added value, the pluses of being a panther:

תכנית מפורטת

Session 4

Positioning axis and development of creative and innovative thinking:

  • Creating a positioning axis and differentiation with real added value for the target audience

  • Positioning axis analysis against competitors

  • Deciding on the marketing strategy of my business

  • Development of new services and products Creative thinking

Session 3

Research, branding groups, value building, service and product development and pricing:

  • Cross-referencing SWOT analysis data, researching and interpreting the value proposition and creating differentiation

  • Pricing

  • Branding groups - qualitative and quantitative research

Session 2

Analysis of your business according to the SWOT model:

  • Competitor analysis

  • Business strengths

  • Weaknesses of the business

  • Opportunities for the business

  • Threats facing the business

Session 1

Processes in developing a marketing strategy for your business:

  • What is a marketing strategy?

  • Components of the marketing strategy

  • SWOT analysis model - Introduction

  • Where is your business today?

  • Customer profile

  • Differentiation and value creation

Part II. Applied workshop

Brand strategy, branding and content for your business:

Session 8

Strategy and content:

  • Content strategy

  • Development of a content strategy for the business

  • Content sources

  • Content in the digital world - basic rules

Session 7

Customers and marketing communications:

  • Customer profile

  • Marketing communication in the digital world - media, social networks, Google, measurement and its effectiveness in communication and advertising

  • B2B B2C sales

Session 6

What's your story?

  • foreground

  • What's your story?

  • Product truth

  • What is a brand?

  • What is good branding?

  • Media tone

  • Targeting messages

Session 5

Designation and vision processes:

  • Designation and vision processes and finding the idea for the business

  • The company's vision

  • Setting goals, objectives and challenges

  • Brand values

Personal accompaniment:

12 hours of personal and applied guidance - Michal Yogev:

  • In addition - two hours a week that includes a master class / open door for personal business questions - Galit Ben Simhon.

Session 11

"Panther" leadership.

What makes men leaders and women leaders, gender consciousness and tools for changing perceptions and paradigms.

Session 10

Legal proceedings - a two-hour meeting.

Session 9

Business plan and financial management - two hours.

How to build a business plan, cash flow and budget - Galit Ben Simhon

על המרצות

Course principals

Mikhal Yogev.png

Michal Yogev - has over 20 years of experience as a marketing manager in leading high-tech and industry companies such as: ECI, Ormat, Tadiran, Commtouch and more. Expert in establishing marketing infrastructure for B2B markets, B2C in both domestic and international market. Today, Michal shares this knowledge with businesses and organizations by building a marketing strategy, branding, and writing marketing content.

Michal holds a master's degree in communications from Tel Aviv University.

My motto: "There is no market today that is not flooded. Therefore, the development of a marketing, branding and content strategy is more important than ever. It is the one that will differentiate you from the rest of the competitors and place you above the competition."


Galit Ben Simhon - CEO, entrepreneur, and founder of PANTHERA. Expert in strategy, management and business development. Has business, entrepreneurial and managerial experience of over 25 years in large and medium-sized companies. She has held senior positions as CEO and VP and initiating and establishing innovative and large companies such as YES , AIG, the first direct, Bank Leumi and Phoenix, with extensive experience in the worlds of finance, services, e-commerce, television, retail, B2B and B2C communications, web and mobile, media and digital. Expert in managing and leading large teams, developing strong brands and a record of business results Impressive.

Holds a master's degree in business administration from Tel Aviv University.

My motto: "I believe in excellent business, with clear business models, that do good and produce a social impact."

IMG_8456 (2).jpg

Limor Dahan - Limor Dahan - Vice President of Community and Content and Founder.
Experienced communication woman: radio broadcaster, content development and management for communication, psychotherapist, lecturer.

"The power of a tribe is embodied in the power of the individual. It has always been a synergistic connection that exists at the basis of the existence of everything. Listen, connect, support, learn, give, lead, dedicate. From the dawn of time, these values are etched in the DNA of every successful person ".

לקוחות מספרות

Customers tell

IMG_4756 small.jpg

Now, in the days of Corona, when so many A. women have been fired or gone into exile, it's just the time to think a little out of the box, take the present and future into your own hands and create your own workplace. You will know the framework that is best suited for this purpose, to bring you from the crisis to growth.Panthera.Pro complex is a complex with amazing energies, and provides all its members with practical tools, courses, workshops and accompaniment for just this period. Highly recommend to visit and see!

Sharon Ben Yehuda

Entrepreneur Photophile Medical

Home is not a place, it's a feeling "It's my motto, it's my slogan, and it's the highest value I give and give to my clients in the business of Maayuna. Planning and interior design There is one place, unique and special that allows me to # accept this value, that allows me to be and to feel independent house, a place that produces community has not yet met one in my life, a place full of entrepreneurial, independent and self-employed businesswomen sharpness and contrast whom I met, smart women full of wisdom and intelligence. this place is a second home for me, Panthera today this magical place opens its doors, With insane perks and equal bonuses for all the freelancers who need to get back to routine, get high added value, business strategies, winning business plans, and also for all those who thought of an independent way, did not dare and are now seriously considering it.It's a place of real panthers! , Who do not wait for things to reach them but bring themselves what they want.

Maayan Hoftman

Interior Designer

Panthera ..
The place that changed my life ..
So I probably did something good because I have no way to explain all this good ..
But I will try ..
So I always dreamed of taking the clinic out of the house.
I have been working from home for 12 years with my trainees and over the years I have felt a decline in the passion I had in my career ...
Until one day I sat down with myself and said to myself .. what the fuck ..
Sorry for the phrase ..
After all, I love what I do.
After all, I pinch myself over and over again for having such a crazy profession that I am very happy and do not believe that I am paid for such an amazing thing, such a great privilege and much more ..
So what's going on here?
Then the token fell..I have to leave the house and cafes did not feel right to me..and that I did not try ..
Then I see a publication of "Panther"
And do not believe what I see.
Shared work space with the most beautiful meeting rooms and offices I have seen ..
Which is all about the purity of women and the promotion of women in business .. (There are also some men)
With free workshops every week to promote the business that the Panthers do in every possible field such as lifestyle, marketing, sales, business strategy and more and more ..
In addition to networking sessions
Parties and events.
Business and social connections that are created with amazing and inspiring women, headed by the one and only Galit Ben Simhon.
And all this at a ridiculous price that no one believes me even when I tell ..
Recommends to anyone who wants a deep business and personal change in her life.

Ronit Shoshan

Business coach

זמנים ומחיר

Times and price


The studies in the business-practical track will start on 25.6.2020. The track includes a commitment for a period of six months and requires a presence in space at least twice a week.


Who is it for: small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals looking to bounce their dream into a real business.
The studies in the business-practical track will start on 25.6.2020. The track includes a commitment for a period of six months and requires a presence in space at least twice a week.

Location: Panthera - work space and club for professional women. 19 Arba'a Street, Tel Aviv.
The cost of the route, which includes 80 hours of study and personal accompaniment and includes a common work space, without limit, is NIS 2,400 per month.
Cost for panthers 1400 NIS per month. Price does not include VAT.
Hurry - the number of places is limited! "

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