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Meeting rooms and business events

Rental of meeting rooms and space for business hospitality, conferences, including an attached bar and rooftop - up to 200 people

Lounge-bar plus roof with balcony, New York style

Meeting rooms, in different sizes- Meetings rooms, courses and workshops - from 4 people to 35 people. Personal offices and co-working space

A complete business experience that includes food, with a cocktail bar, professional bar staff. we can help you in choosing inspiring and enriching lectures and workshops, and build together with you a concept and content for any event/party


The space was chosen 3 years in a row, as the most beautiful and best space in Israel

The most equal events in the most egalitarian space in Israel. Much more than a collaborative workspace

Panthera is an activist business space that promotes gender equality, community-based. Business club, offices, meeting rooms, professional content, business support and a place for conferences and events

We work 7 days a week

Night license until 03:00 and a license to sell alcohol

You will find a price list for parties and events in the top bar under the "Price list and routes" tab

Our addresses: Prime location, at 19 Habaa St. in Tel Aviv. near Sarona Market
Plenty of parking.  5 minutes walk from the Peace Train/Azrieli

Photos from events and parties must be entered on our Instagram PANTHERA_PRO

WhatsApp-for details and space reservation 

Watch a video about our space


Conference Rooms

Virtus & Imperium

  • 30 sqm each - up to 16 people per room around a table and up to 25 people in a classroom meeting

  • Connecting the two rooms together 60 sqm - up to 32 people sitting around a table, up to 45 in a lecture sitting.

  • Audiovisual equipment and full infrastructure for presentations - 2 smart TVs 50 inches each.

  • Classrooms are dynamic and can be changed in a different arrangement

  • The price includes: soda, water, coffee and cookies

ישיבות תאומים

Meeting Room



  • Area: 16 sqm

  • Chairs -8

  • Tables - 1

  • Audiovisual equipment - monitor, 50-inch smart TV and all the infrastructure for presentations

ישיבות 6

Meeting Room


  • Area: 14 sqm

  • Chairs -6

  •   Tables - 1

  •   Audiovisual equipment - monitor, 50-inch smart TV and all the infrastructure for presentations

ישיבות 4

Meeting Room


  • Area: 60 sqm

  • 35 chairs  

  • Audiovisual equipment - monitor, 50-inch smart TV and all the infrastructure for presentations


Meeting Room


  • Area: 12 sqm

  • Conference room for up to 5 people

  • Audiovisual equipment - monitor, 32-inch smart TV and all the infrastructure for presentations

Event space / conference

Lounge, stage and Balcony/Rooftop

  • Area: 360 sqm

  • Events up to- 250 people

  • Up to 120 seats around a stage inside the space, plus 150 people, on the balcony.    

On stage only

  • Area: 20 sqm

  • equipment:

    • Mixer Bringer xair18

    • IPad

    • 10 inch samsung monitor

    • 11-inch alto monitor

    • Microphones:

    • 1 condenser of akg

    • Samsung Dynamics Q 7 microphones

    • 2 dynamic microphones for
      akg d40

    • 2 active DA boxes - Bringer

    • Stands:

    • 2 long boom

    • 2 short boom

    • cable TV:

    • 4 XLR shorts

    • 2 Medium XLR

    • 1 XLR long

    • 4 PL standard size.

    • Cable aux ports for 2 TRS

    • X 3 cable aux ports to 2 RCA

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לאונג בר
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Bar and lounge

  • Bar and lounge area: 360 sqm

  • Bar stools and low armchairs -120

  • All types of alcohol and kitchen heater.



  • Area: 200 sqm

  • Seating-100

  • standing- 150

מרפסת רזולוציה נמוכה.jpg

From local suppliers

  • Kitchen heating equipment: refrigerators, heaters, 2 sinks, shelves, microwave, induction, orange squeezing machine, dishwasher, plates and cups and amount

  • Toaster, salamander, ice machine, mixers, commercial Nespresso machine

Additional information - next to Sarona Market, behind the Cinematheque, 5 minute walk from the Peace Train, 10 minute walk from Habima, 1 minute walk from the fashion mall on Hasmonean Street, it has the cheapest parking for the day from 16:00 Parking at 12 NIS for all evening at four 17, Millennium Tower

Floor: 3

Elevators: 4

Accessibility: Yes

Parking: Parking lots nearby and under the building


For more details and event booking:
Fill out the form

Or book online, top button tour
Or call 03-3753000

Whatsup : 054.97.812.97

WhatsApp-For details and space reservation 


WhatsApp-For details and space reservation 

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