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Accelerate women & minorities businesses

Impacting the economy & the world


  • Research shows that female founders outperform their male counterparts:

  • Female run startups generated 78 cents vs. 31 cents generated by their mail counterparts’

  • Companies with female founders perform 63% better than their investments in all male  companies.

  • Women ultimately deliver higher revenue- more than twice as much per dollar invested- than  those founded y men, making women-owned company's better investments for financial  backers.

  • Not only it’s time to close the gender gap, it’s also smart business with lesser risks and  higher success rate.

  • Women’s  Performance is a  Smart Investment  and Smart Impact


Not only it’s time to close the gender gap, it’s also smart business with lesser risks and  higher success rate.


Our goals:

1. Help create new profitable businesses led by women and minorities          and diversified social segments

2. Deploy first money

3. Create jobs and social impact 

4. Strengthen the economy and our society

Unique Model. Unique Visibility

  • The various on-site activities provide our team with unique deal flow and observation perspective on  entrepreneurs through multiple levels:

  • Identifying opportunities from the field - An arm of business intelligence  and an arm of
    innovation and impact

  • Personal: Knowing the future founders and
    CEO’s  personally vs. a hasty pitch presentation

  • Growth: Follow  the  entrepreneur  daily  from inspiration to execution

  • Hands-on Approach – Panthera as an integral companion for the entrepreneur’s journey

At Heart of the “Start-Up Nation”

•Israel has the largest number of startups per capita in        the world

•Massive Israeli startup exits include  Waze, Mellanox,       Mobileye,Sandisk, Taboola, Fiverr, Wix

•One sixth of star-ups in Israel have at least 1 female          Founder

•In non-high-tech industries Israel is #1 on MasterCard     Index of Women Entrepreneurs for 2020

•Israel has the second largest presence on Nasdaq

•Israel is 5th in the world for patent per capita

Our Team

גלית רזולוציה נמוכה_edited_edited.png

Michal Yogev-Principle- With over 20 of experience in marketing for global corporates spanning from high-tech to medical and pharmaceutical, geothermal power, venture capitals and more, Michal brings vast experience in establishing corporate marketing infrastructures that propelled revenue growth, brand awareness and global presence.

Specialties: market analysis, competition research and analysis, positioning and messaging, category creation, marketing and go-to-market strategy, product marketing and product management, field marketing, channel marketing, business development, and marketing effectiveness.

Michal holds an M.A in Communications and Political Science from Tel-Aviv University


Naava Mashiah- Venture Partner-is the CEO of ME LINKS which focuses on Wealth Management Advisory to UHNWF, including private equity curated products with an emphasis on sustainable economy, ESG compliant products and impact investing.

Naava is a Director of THE FOUNDERS KITCHEN LP which is a private equity fund focused on Israeli disruptive Hi-Tech.

As an engaged member in YPO, she serves on the European regional executive committee and is the Impact officer for Europe for the third year.


She is a former Israeli diplomat whom has been active in economic cooperation in the MENA region for over 20 years.

Ariel-1 (002).jpg

Ariel Sacerdoti – Managing Partner & Co Founder – after founding and running The Founders Kitchen (early stage VC), Ariel brings significant experience in the space having served in leading positions at companies such as Ormat,  PEI and was responsible for generating activities and sales of $1B. Established GÜDEL, Inc. in the US and developed the company to lead the robotics automation industry. Ariel holds a BSc. In Mechanical Engineering from UB, and an EMBA  from Michigan University 

Galit Ben- Simhon- Managing Partner & Co Founder- Over 30 years of expertise in strategy, management and business dev. Galit held senior positions (mainly as VP&CEO) in Israel's leading companies: YES, AIG, Bank Leumi, Phoenix and more. With vast experience in multiple market segmentations from B2B, B2C, Media, E-Commerce, Finance, Insurance and more. Galit holds an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University

Dr-Shoshana-Feingold-Studnik photo.jpg

Dr. Shoshana Feingold-Studnik- Managing Partner & Co Founder- A financial and strategy expert and entrepreneur. Previously Shoshana represented the JV Volkswagen Group and DSW ($600M), developed and generated sales of hundreds of millions in senior positions at ECI Telecom, Yozma VC, US and German Real Estate Companies. Shoshana is a lecturer at several universities in the USA, Germany and Israel for strategy and international marketing; promoting Israeli and European start ups in her position as an Investor at Panthera and J- Ventures, as an Ambassador at GINSUM, mentor at Techfounders. In her spare time she volunteers as the Vice President at WIZO Germany. Shoshana holds a MBA with highest distinctions and a Ph.D. in Economics with summa cum laude from Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Germany

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